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The first time I wore this top was for my L’Oreal shoot I shot earlier this month. What a highlight that was for me. Although it hasn’t been released yet, I still feel a whole sense of achievement deep down inside me.

Being a blogger isn’t easy, so lets get real for just a second. We portray to live this glamourous life of events, free goodies and the ability to work from home, but we all know that no life can be this amazing and still function. It becomes extremely difficult to hustle for gigs and create campaigns. Sometimes only going to bed early parts of the morning to finish editing a post or video, just so we can have it up and Live for you early the next morning. What may be a lunchtime read for you has become a full time job for me, which has taken weeks and weeks of planning and perfection.



I was featured on the Blogger Diaries daytime show on CliffCentral last week. I had such a fun time chatting to the girls about this industry that I absolutely LOVE and work so hard at creating the best content. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the past four years and most of my loyal readers will know why. But I have taken this great fall back and made it my major comeback! I never gave up on myself and in the same sense, neither should you! Whether it’s something you’re passionate about or not. You’re ability to always give 110% should always be present.

Many people assume we earn thousands. Mostly because of the makeup we wear and the clothing we use. These materialistic things come easy and sometimes when a brand offers you free stuff in exchange for WORK, you question yourself “Is it really worth it?”. In some instances YES, and most NO. As I previously posted about “How to start a Blog” (You can read it HERE) I spoke about originality, exclusivity and authenticity. Three of the most important keys of being a blogger especially if you would like to stand out from the rest.



I was lucky enough to form a relationship with Tally Weijl and their team when they just launched here in South Africa. I have a passion for their brand just as much as they do and I’m sure you can see now that their brand has become a part of me and who I am. I’m not just saying this because it’s a paid job or because its “hashtag sponsored“, but because it becomes effortless when I talk about their brand and what they do. Being paid for it is a super big bonus and thats really what working for anyone or anything should be like. I hope this helps aspiring bloggers or just your everyday woman. Not every job is amazing as it seems, but if it’s something you really want, you can make it work for yourself.

So push yourself further, learn to say no and believe that you are called to be bigger and greater! No matter what situation you’re faced with, its only a phase where you will end up on top! Don’t let lifes little situations bring you down. Learn to rise above the circumstances and turn your minor fall back into a major comeback!



About this look

I am so attached to this “Believe in yourself” top that I literally want to wear it All. The. Time! I feel so liberated wearing it that I feel I’ve got those words tattooed across my forehead. LOL. I am getting use to the whole Sports Luxe trend and kinda loving it. Its super comfy, for a walk at the park or the mall.

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Images by Kudzai Shereni (@kshereni)

Hat: No idea... But you can find similar ones at Refinery or Mr Price

Top & Tights : Tally Weijl

Sneakers : Nike at Superbalist

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