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Being a woman could possibly be the most liberating thing ever! Our sense of style, flair, passion for life, is something that can only be found in a woman. We are the bearers of children, the epitome of beauty and the binds that hold a family together.

And what better way to celebrate Women’s day than to remind yourself, why being a Woman is so damn AWESOME!!




1. Love Me For Me!

If I’m sad, I cry… If I’m upset, I’ll scream ’til I can’t hear myself anymore. I love unconditionally and I’m not afraid to show it (Well sometimes). I’m allowed to be scared and still stand my ground! – Geez, this must really be confusing for you men. LOL



2. People Assume I’m Innocent – I AM!

I don’t get in trouble as much as I should because I have this aura of some sort, where people think that I am not capable of doing anything bad. Once I got into trouble and I cried myself out of getting grounded. Is this bad for woman? Yes, probably, but I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t extremely thankful that I didn’t get to miss my best friends party that weekend.




3. Girl Stuff = Best Stuff

Summer dresses, sexy underwear, bubble baths, spa days, makeup, manicures – These are some of the best parts about being alive! I can blast Britney Spears and sing at the top of my voice and no one will ever question me about enjoying life’s little pleasures.



4. Guys Hold Doors Open For Me.

Like a valet escorting me to my carriage. Feeling like a princess yet? Oh, and another thing, we don’t have to pay for first dates! (Unless you’re into this new age stuff)



5. No Facial Hair

Maintaining my underarms and legs is enough of a hassle. I can’t imagine having to put a razor on my face! FYI men, do not and I repeat, DO NOT rush a woman and her winged liner!

Happy Women’s day to all you beautiful, inspiring Woman around the world. Hope you enjoyed this little reminder of why we need more of you around… Xxx



About my look:

Please enjoy this little style, Women’s Day celebratory post in my New Balance sneakers. Here I show you how the Sports Luxe trend is the new black. Styled in 2 different ways, this 420 New Balance sneakers is the ultimate necessity to your wardrobe!

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Images by my 2 favz - @rudydaine & @arleneaugust

Makeup - Arlene August

Look 1 :

Pleather Jacket - Tally Weijl

Jersey - Tally Weijl

Tights - Factorie

Sneakers - 420 New Balance

Choker - Mrs Rogero Style

Sunnies - Ray Ban 

Look 2 :

Jeans - SissyBoy

Turtleneck - Truworths

Grey long sleeveless jacket - Refinery

Beanie - Mr Price

Sneakers - 420 New Balance




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