5 Steps To Starting A Blog


I get asked this question way too many times. Infact if I had a dollar (not a Rand – for obvious reasons) for every time I was asked how can one start a blog, I’d probably have invested that money and traveled halfway across the world by now. LOL. Okay I’m kidding, but seriously, the blogosphere is a fascinating place to be in, and if you feel like starting a blog is what you seriously want, then here are 5 simple steps to help you get started:


Step 1 : Location, location, location

Okay, so the first thing you want to decide is which publishing tool you’re going to use. There are many like Tumblr, Blogspot & WordPress. I personally have started on Blogspot and later moved over to wordpress. In all honestly I felt blogspot was a lot more user friendly, but wordpress offered a more cleaner look for my content.

Remember starting a blog doesn’t give you access to instant fame or free stuff, and if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re definitely starting a blog for the wrong reasons and you will be wasting a lot of your time. Being a blogger doesn’t mean you HAVE to blog about fashion, beauty or things you receive in the mail. Infact blogging can be quite personal or can be a great advertising tool for a business. You can speak about your likes and dislikes, and you dont even have to have a specific target audience.

However, here I’m speaking to the latter and for those who want to become recognised bloggers. (Yes, YOU!)


Step 2 : Finding my nichè.

Writing about something you love automatically becomes easy. Think about telling your best gal pal about the yummiest custard slice you’ve ever had, at some random sports club this past weekend. How extraordinary! (This is me! LOL) You could go on for days right? Are you always the one giving relationship advice yet you’re still single? Are you a reader and love sharing insight of every book you’ve read? Do you love chocolate and would travel halfway around the world to taste it? Well then find what it is that defines who YOU are as a person and write about that.

Many people ask me what blogger do I see myself as? That’s a very difficult question because when it comes to me writing content for the blog, I feel like I can write about whatever I want and I am not restricted to just fashion, or just beauty. When I feel inspired, I write about inspiring others. When I feel fashionable, I write about my look. When I’ve learnt new makeup or beauty tricks, I write about that. Over the years I’ve changed my blog name so many times, that I just decided to stick with the most obvious and go with my name. I am my own brand, which is why I love sharing insight into my career as a Media Personality, Digital Entrepreneur and Blogger, so others can learn from me.


Step 3 : Be Authentic!

Everyone is a “blogger”… Or so they call themselves. Uploading a picture to instagram with the hashtag #Blogger doesn’t make you one. And even so, there are so many Bloggers out there doing the same thing! So what makes you different? How can you stand out from the rest? What can you offer me that no one else can. Find that and run with it. Originality is KEY!

If you’re writing about fashion yet the last time you opened a fashion magazine was last winter in the doctor’s waiting room because your phone had died – then fashion is OBVIOUSLY not for you. No one is going to waste their time reading your content if you have no idea what you’re even talking about. Think of blogging as a way to educate others about the things you know.


Step 4 : Picture perfect

In the world we live today, people are drawn by visuals. If I drive by a giant billboard on the highway with a juicy burger on it, I am almost 90% sure I will pull up in the drive through of the next McDonald’s I see. People love pictures and the clearer the quality, the better!

My first posts were shot by my grandmother (Bless her heart). I would stand there for hours with my camera phone trying to direct her to take the perfect picture. Having great quality pictures always is a bonus, not just to make your blog look pretty, but also that feeling of being proud of what you’ve just created. The internet is an album of images and if you feel the need to write a story based on something you’ve seen on pinterest then by all means go for it! (Just remember to reference the photo – for copyright purposes)



Step 5 : Tag me!

Social media plays a big part of how successful your blog really is. If you want to reach audiences then you need to tag, repost and engage online as much as possible. Social media helps people find you and allows you to engage with them, answer questions and get to know your followers and what they enjoy most about your blog. If you arent such a big social media person then that’s fine too. Just tag your friends or family and those you’d like to share your posts with and you’re on your way.


Well there you have it… There is much, MUCH more to the blogosphere but these simple steps should get you going for now. Let me know if you found this beneficial and if you would like me to post more of these tips and tricks. You know how much I love hearing from you! 😀

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