Cafe Del Sol #LoveCreatesMore | Event

What was an exquisite night filled with friends, food and wine is only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Café Del Sol.

Don’t let their “Café” title fool you. What you are being served with here can only be described as a class of its own type of meal. It was a time we came together to celebrate. What way to do that with a special wine pairing by internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality by Morgenster.

Bryanston Shopping Centre and Café del Sol treated us to an exclusive taste bud tantralising journey from Italy with a South African culinary twist.

Love creates more was the theme and hashtag for the night and couldn’t have been more appropriate for our wine and dine evening set in a cosy wine cellar boardroom. Winter outside, but all the warm, fuzzy feelings inside.
Café del Sol is a family run restaurant, where love is spread in abundance from the moment you enter to leaving the restaurant. Café del Sol sprung form Mamma Luciana’s, warm and welcoming spirit. Chiara (Co-owner and daughter of Mamma Luciana) says that Café del Sol was a childhood dream, as her mom would cook-up a storm in the kitchen, her brother would DJ and she was left to decorate the tables, and of course entertain (which came naturally to Chiara). The family trio were begged on numerous occasions to share the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere with the world… and so they did! Chiara’s lifelong dream was to create a unique space that could nourish the mind, body and soul by encouraging others to ‘live in the moment and taste the love through food’. And they most definitely did.
Here’s a little recap of the culinary and wine experience we had on the night (Full video footage available to watch on my Instagram Highlights under ‘Café Del Sol’):
Bruschetta – Beetroot cured salmon prosciutto, sourdough bread, spiced rocket and Morgenster lemon olive oil pesto paired with Morgenster Cuvee Alessandra (only 3000 bottles produced worldwide).
Springbok Carpaccio – Aged parmesan micro herb salad, dehydrated pear salsa, onion dust and Morgenster Don Carlo emulsion paired with Morgenster Caruso.
Prawn Ravioli – Three cheese infused prawn ravioli, Morgenster extra virgin olive oil and limoncello cream sauce paired with Morgenster Vespri. (If theres a meal I would specifically come back to Café Del Sol for, it would be this one!)
Springbok Loin – Pepper-crusted loin, soft parmesan polenta, roasted baby onions and pepperonata red wine jus paired with Morgenster Tosca.
Rose Crème brûlée– Velvet rose scented brûlée, iced rose petals, candied rose delights and pistachio biscotti paired with Morgenster Nabucco. (My second most fav of the night)
If you’re looking for a little Thursday night excitement, or even if you want to impress your cousin from your in-laws side, there couldn’t have been a better place to make your next reservation in the heart of Bryanston.
Café Sol, where love creates more.
Don’t be shy to pop me a mail on what my favourite meal suggestions are. I’d be more than happy to help you decide. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Café Del Sol and would highly recommend that their warm homely feel is just the right place to have your next meal. (Lol, I could totally be a poet)
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