Twenty Three | Birthday Post

Twenty three… Hmmm… Not sure how I feel about giving my age away but hey! Did you think I was younger? Older maybe? Lol, I’d love to know so please leave a comment!

You know how being a year older doesn’t excite you anymore, because you feel like you could have been more… Done done? Living life with my own house and car by now? I could laugh at myself sometimes when I think about all the pressure I put myself through. I’m a first year degree student. Here people my age have graduated already. Some are maried with kids, others have moved out of their parents home and started their own businesses. But who am I or anyone for that matter, to say that this is what your life should look like at 23, or 25 or 31. Who says that I should be married with kids and be a great house wife to my husband at 24… Who says?

Enough about that, this past year has been extremely rewarding. I have been blessed beyond measure and can truly say that I am on the path to making my dreams a reality. Full time blogger (and student-not sure which part of my life takes up more time, lol) part-time dreamer and over-thinker. If there is anything that I can give back to you, if you’re reading this, that ALWAYS remember you can do more than that little brain of yours tells you. You can be more, give more and receive more. With a little bit of prayer (and yes, I still struggle a lot with this) you can achieve the impossible. I am looking forward to taking myself to new heights I never thought existed. Working with new brands, meeting new people, learning new things. The laughs, tears, yes’s and no’s. I need to constantly remind myself that I am worth it and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Now to you, my followers and loyal readers. You have all been there for me through everything. Some of you have been here since this blog was just a little diary on the internet. I appreciate the support you’ve given me and the interest you have in my career and what I do. To the brands I’ve worked with over the past year – Tally Weijl, Pandora, New Balance, Refinery,  & Bobbi Brown, to name a few. Thank you so much for believing in my brand, in me, & what I love doing everyday.

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, thanks for coming by! Promise you won’t be disappointed by the things you read here, and I promise that everything I do is 100% authentic, so don’t be shy to engage with me, leave comments and share your thoughts. You are considered part of the squad & I’d love it if we could become friends? Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Enjoy this look post I put together for you. I decided to work with a very special lady to work on my birthday pics because I wanted this shoot specifically to be one that stands out from the rest. Thank you so much Minisha! You are so talented and humble and it was such a  pleasure to work with you.

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Images by Minisha Ramudu Photography (@minisharamudu)

Jumpsuit, Jeans, Bomber : Tally Weijl

Sunnies : Rubi By Cotton On

Bag : River Island

Shoes : Sole Candy

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