Living the Dream – Part One


So I would like to share something with you. If you know me then you know the passion I have for the Media industry. I say Media and not TV because beyond the ability to reach others through TV (Which I believe is dying since there is Show Max and Netflix available), any kinds of media, whether it be social media, print media or online media it’s a good way to reach out to others.

I can still remember the year I was in Matric. I had no idea what I wanted to study when I had finished school. I knew I found the media industry fascinating but could I really see myself doing it full time? Could I really sacrifice my weekends and public holidays for this career path. Never the less, I did my research. I inboxed every TV personality I could think of on Facebook. I tweeted every radio DJ and TV presenter I’d watched. Hoping for some kind of insight into what it was really like being a “celebrity”. Some would reply, and some, probably too busy to even read the first sentence of my boring email.
So I decided to take a gap year. Yeah, it bugged me a lot.. All my friends were studying and I was not. They would get a degree before I could probably even make up my mind what I wanted to do with my life.

January came and low and behold, everyone has started campus… Here I was, with no plan in mind… Winging it… Did I really have a face for TV? What does that even mean? Was it even possible for me? I mean, some young kid from a small town to make it onto the silver screen? I prayed. I prayed hard! I cried too… But the persistence paid off. I filmed my first music video January that year. It wasn’t where I¬†wanted to be… But it was a start. (Remember what I wrote about changing your mindset in my previous post?)

It was like a snowball effect.. I remember being told by some of the contacts I made, that I had a face for TV. It hit me! By September that year I was co-hosting a educational show that would air every Tuesday evening at 7pm. I was beginning to see my hard work pay off right in-front of me.

Early mornings, (and when I say early I mean the sun hasn’t even come out to say hello yet), late nights, one meal a day. This was what I asked for right?

Im glad to have had a great team to work with and a great support system. My family has always been my back bone and have really supported my decisions over the years.

Yes there were times I thought to myself – “Mi’chal, what on earth are you doing? Just go out there and get a normal job like everyone else!” but the passion was still burning deep down inside of me and I knew there was just something bigger and better waiting…

Fashion Guru Season 1 – This was my dream come true… I was given the opportunity to host a fashion reality series!!! Eventually my dreams turned into my goals and I knew that no dream was too big to dream. In my mind I just became South Africa’s very own Giuliana Rancic. I would pinch myself everyday thinking it was a dream – but actually, I was living it!

Got to stay in hotel rooms, eat lavish foods, wake up every morning to hair and makeup and getting the absolute privilege to wear some of the most amazing dresses by South Africa’s best designers! It was everything I dreamt of having. Oh I loved being in-front of the camera, and now being able to do it while talking fashion, style and makeup. I was totally in my element!

I would have people inboxing and emailing me on a daily basis asking me for advice. I became “that girl”. And suddenly everything didn’t feel so glamorous anymore…

Now how could a life so perfect still not feel complete?

What more could I possibly want out of life?

I was on my way to achieving every goal I had set for myself, and it was all in sight?

But I was unhappy… Empty… Alone…

I guess you’re just gonna have to wait until part 2 to understand why…

Thanks for stopping by… I hope this gives a little more insight to who I am and to those who have always wondered or wanted to ask me how I started off in my career. In Part 2 of Living the Dream I will give a few tips, pros and cons of what I do… I promise it will be worth the read…

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