Black to basics | Style


Summer is here and the dungaree season has arrived. Weather its an old torn pair or a brand new one you bought last weekend, sometimes styling it the right way can be tricky.



Do I fold up my pants? Do I tuck in my shirt or leave it loose? Do I wear a crop top or a sweatshirt? Ive figured out a really easy way to style the dungaree, while still being able to use some of your older clothes you have stuffed back in your wardrobe.



About my look

For me, the easiest and funkiest way I would wear my dungaree is with a chunky sweater. Its perfect for the winter but I figured it also works for the summer. Atleast this time you don’t have to layer it on the inside. Keep it simple, roll up your sleeves and you’re good to go. what I love about it, is that you don’t have to worry about tucking your shirt in. Whether it’s in or out, it looks good!



Black and white is good basic colours for the season as well, keeping you looking slim and trim, cause we all know we arent summer body ready yet.


Athleisure wear is here to stay for the season. Rock it!

This dungaree from Tally Weijl is almost sold out so get your hands on it fast. As well as this chunky sweater is warm enough for winter and thin enough for the summer- if you’re lucky, you might find your size 50% off!!

If you have ways you love styling your dungaree, I’d love to see it! So please use the hashtag #MiStyle and TAG ME!


Thanks for stopping by… #LoveTally #TallyWeijlSA

Lets chat?

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Images by : Georgia from Reflection 9 (@_reflection_9)

Cap : Don't remember where I got this one, but you can find similar ones at Refinery, Mr Price or H&M

Wrap chocker : We Wear Gems

Jersey & Dungaree : Tally Weijl

Sunnies : Rayban (Not available in South Africa)

Sneakers : Nike


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