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Well trying to think of a title for this post is a tricky one.. Been sitting for the past 30 mins trying to come up with a title to what I want to chat to you guys about.

You know, there’s so much happening at the moment, it’s the first of November which means Movember season has started (yes men you know what I’m talking about), then its Halloween which I don’t get (I get to dress up all year round lol), and then the post itself I’ve incorporated something creative for you guys. Something VOGUE denim inspired and I really want your opinion of how I’ve pulled it off.


When I think of content I usually sit with my concept notebook and write down ideas, collect pictures and do some research. So much goes into a simple post like this but what really matter the most is the outcome of whether you guys enjoy it or not. When you read a blog, do you find inspiration of what to wear? Or do you just come by to see what I’ve been upto in the life of a blogger? Why do you spend your time reading the things that I write, and why do you come back for more? Am I meeting your needs the same way I’m meeting mine?

Yeah sure, I’ve turned my hobby into my career, but that doesnt mean I lose the essence of what I do and why I love to do it! Which is why I bring you this delightful denim post….. AH-HA! – Which brings me to my title – Do You In Denim!


No collaborations were made in this post except with creative photographer, Georgia Groenewold from Reflection 9 photography. I love creating concepts and then finding the perfect person to build on that concept with me.

When Georgia and I met for shooting that day I was looking pretty average in a normal denim attire. When I told her my ideas of creating a denim look that was Vogue (or high end casual magazine) inspired, her eyes lit up like the fourth of July!! (Or Diwali here in South Africa) LOL


About my look

How do I create something average and make it look glamorous all in the name of fashion. That’s what a creative is after all, isn’t it? With my ideas in my head, a little public attention, a cute spot called Coco Bel – a dessert cafe on the back of a Chevrolet truck, we got to work. I pulled this very basic denim shirt off my shoulders to keep with the off shoulder trend this season and paired them with a no name brand vintage jeans I’ve had lying in my wardrobe since I was about… 9 years old. (They finally fit!)


Now that these jeans fit, I am obsessed with them because they have this very moderate yet sleek slit at the back which I find quite interesting as I’ve never seen a pair of jeans like this for sale before. Bell bottoms are back and what a nice way to welcome them in. Black accessories with my Vogue like sunnies, a formal choker and a black set of heels. _mg_6765e I never had any idea what the finished product would look like or if it would even be a success. I wore the shirt two different ways, just by pulling my arm out of the sleeve and tying the sleeve to the bottom of my shirt to create a bow. I was so worried it would be too revealing, or I would look like a complete idiot – so, in all honesty I would love to hear your comments either down below or on my social media. If you like these concept posts, I will continue to transform the usual fashion into something exciting and creative that you can go home and explore with. I do the work so you don’t have to!


Have a splendid week ahead and have an even better November! Christmas is around the corner! Also have a look out for my hair tutorial video coming out tomorrow 8am GMT on YouTube!

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Images by : Georgia from Reflection 9 (@_refelction_9)

Sunnies : Sunglasshut

Choker : Lovisa

Denim shirt : Mr Price

Denim bell bottoms : No name (vintage)

Shoes : Aldo

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