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The countless hours we spend in the changing rooms, trying multiple styles of the same colour of jeans, just to see which of them make our greatest “asset” look the best? Yes, we have all been there ladies… Men you too! Ever wonder why there’s just one pair of jeans you love. That pair of jeans you’ve used the entire weekend, but even though you’ve got 15 pairs of clean jeans in your wardrobe, you still feel that those jeans are still good for one more night out.


Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans. I know I do. I think I could possibly have an addiction to buying new jeans everytime I go shopping, but at the end, dirty or clean, ripped or stained, I will search high and low for my favourite pair!

LOL, now I’m not all that bad, I’m extremely fussy about clean clothing, so if I know I’m going to wear it the next day, I wash it immediately and leave it to dry.



But why do we spend so much of money, on countless pairs of jeans, only to repetitively wear our favourite pair? I believe it’s all in the fit. Now a pair of jeans at different retail stores can range from R120 – R3000. Now for me, buying a pair of jeans for 3k is complete insanity! I must either be extremely wealthy or out of my mind. For an average South African woman, investing in a good pair of jeans is necessary and completely vital. Let me explain…

Being a student and buying my own clothing was fun, Mr Price was my go-to and I honestly never-ever had an issue with purchasing something I could get for under 100 bucks! Then as I got older, I was blessed enough to receive some hand-me-down pairs of Sissy Boy Jeans, and my jean game changed forever! Fit, cut, material, high waist, ankle grazer – all became real to me. Even though I would still purchase cheap pairs of jeans, I found myself saving my expensive jeans for important night outs. They became the diamonds in my jewelry box.



Paying attention to how much you invest into your items of clothing is very important which is why I am writing this post. How do we find the balance between being affordable, yet still good quality and fit. This is in no way a paid post, but being an influencer has given me the opportunity to try on different pairs of jeans from many different price ranges and many different brands. My favourite, and I’ve told many this before, I simply adore Tally Weijl and their range of jeans. They cater for women like myself with a petite body and for woman with a more vivacious body. They are slightly more expensive than a cheaper brand but a definite investment and should be affordable for the average South African woman.

Once you start wearing jeans than know how to hug the right curves of your body, you wont want to shop else where. I have 5 pairs of Tally Weijl jeans and they all are my favourite. Some have really cool stretch material which help if I put on a little weight or even if I lose a few kilos.



About my look

Its all in the jeans… I’ve used four different types here, and although the fit cannot be seen, it can be felt. That is the reason behind a normal pair of jeans and our favourite pair of jeans. I’ve paired each look with this white strappy top and a plain black pair of heels so that the jeans take centre stage.

Something for you to do: There are four brands in this post – Foschini, H&M, Tally Weijl & Sissy Boy. I want you to guess, in the comments below, which brand matches which pair and which you think is my favourite and least favourite.. I will reply to comments by the end of next week 🙂

Hope this helps you decide what to buy the next time you go shopping. Why fit, comfort and the money you spend is so important. feel free to ask any questions and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

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Images by : Georgia from Reflection 9 (@_refelction_9)
Top : Mr Price
Choker : We Wear Gems
Brown & Black Jacket : Tally Weijl
Denim Jacket : Mr Price
Jeans : Foschini/H&M/TallyWeijl/SissyBoy

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